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Training and recreation at the HEINHOTEL vienna airport

Want to keep fit while travelling or looking for precious relaxation after a long day of work or sightseeing? The HEINHOTEL vienna airport is the right place for you. Being a hotel with fitness facilities near Vienna, and having an amazing running track through one of Austria’s most beautiful nature parks, plus an in-house sauna, we’ve got everything you need for your enjoyable workout.

Cycling and running track in Danube-Auen National Park

Are you a running enthusiast or passionate cyclist and don’t want to miss out on these activities during your business trip or weekend getaway? Being a member of the initiative “Niederösterreich laufend genießen”, the HEINHOTEL vienna airport has an exclusive 5.5-km-long running track and a cycling path leading directly through the Danube-Auen National Parkavailable. 80% of the track is paved, the rest is on asphalt.


  • Leaving the hotel, turn right and run along the Mannswörther Strasse.
  • After 350 m turn left; continue for 150 m and then turn right.
  • Pass by the sports grounds; after 1 km of flat terrain you reach the Jägerhausgasse.
  • Continue for 1,400 m on the beautiful Pappelallee, turn to the left into the meadow; the river Schwechat is now to your left.
  • After 3.9 km you reach the outermost point of the track.
  • Turn to the left and run up the hillside. After 4 km you reach the pavilion.
  • Pass by the recreation centre; after 4.8 km you run on asphalt again.
  • Turn to the left as soon as you pass by the market garden; after 5.5 km you reach the HEINHOTEL vienna airport again.

Klafs sauna

Utilise the relaxation offers of the HEINHOTEL vienna airport and relax in the Klafs sauna. The hotel with sauna near Vienna offers you a high-quality sauna from the market leader Klafs, special changing rooms, and a relaxation room with lounges. Revitalise your body with a refreshing drink.

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